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Classical Bedroom Design in New York

Luxury bedroom interior design in the classical concept


Classical bedroom interior design is very rare to be selected for a residential project in the USA. However, there are also several homes that have a classical mood which is located in the countryside of the USA. However, if a residential property in the USA requires a full classical interior design concept that means it is not an ordinary residential project. This luxurious bedroom interior design is one of the best examples of a scheme for a classical bedroom in the USA. The Luxury Antonovich Design has been performed the most meticulous and strategic actions towards the full design development of this amazing classical bedroom interior design. If you will look closely, you will realize that the full design implementation of this luxurious bedroom design is a combination of a classical mood with a touch of traditional American style.

Luxury Antonovich Design team did not focus on the design features of the bedroom but with the completion of every prestigious the detail that has been formed in this classical bedroom design, for which the natural calmness and the desired design result will eventually come out in the most classy and prestigious design. Selecting the hues and every material in this American classic bedroom design is not an easy task as there are important guidelines that need to follow in every detailed design. Though the bedroom is in the classical design concept, the design team managed to maintain the natural pleasant mood by picking the most prestigious materials and design arrangement that will complement the full bedroom. Take a look at how dramatic the ceiling has been created, as it is formed of very artistic carvings and a perfect lighting arrangement that compliments the fully crystal glass chandelier at the center.

The classical bedroom interior design concept has a very high requirement when it comes to joinery work, as there will be a set of prestigious art over the doors and other joinery works that surrounds the bedroom interior design. This amazing bedroom interior design is surrounded by the design of a very elegant wall as it is built with detailed carvings, gypsum, and joinery design. Since that it is a classical bedroom interior design, there is more of the use of solid wood materials; however, by selecting a vibrant color of light blue creates the perfect balance in style towards the full area.  To level up the luxuriousness, the design team has been selected as the most elegant carpet with a customized detailed design. This luxury bedroom interior design has amazingly achieved the most desirable classic interiors with special touches of the traditional American style bedroom interior design. 


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