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Classic luxury bedroom decor

Classical Themed Bedroom

Our home is our sanctuary, most especially the Bedroom areas. It gives us the perfect convenient and the most relaxing place that would able to help us the refresh in everyday life after a very long day of work, pollution and other activities. That is why the bedroom should always look relaxing and full of Comfort. The Luxury Antonovich Design has a very professional and skilled team that would absolutely bring out all the best solutions and developments for every bedroom interior design. And so the full team is proudly presenting this wonderful Bedroom Interior Design in Classical Concept Design.

Stages of Work towards a Great Result for the Classical Bedroom Design

Selecting the Best Decorative Materials and Furniture’s

When it comes to flooring for the boudoir, it all boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. In This Classical Bedroom Design, the Interior Design Team has used a combination of Premium class marble and high-class fabrics for the carpet. The entire walls are filled with very nice decoration, different paintings, and a wonderful design, carvings, and linings. As the main feature of this bedroom, the Interior Design Team has selected one of the most luxurious bed design with very nice side tables and lamps. The entire bedroom is filled with luxurious decorative materials and furniture such as the set of a sitting area with a very nice rectangular center table. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team never fails to create a very wonderful Interior Design and Architectural works which are composed of international standards of designing.

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