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Children's room in race style

A Themed Bedroom Design for Kids

One of the most favorite parts of the team in designing every house is when it comes to every kid's bedroom, most especially for the themed design. Though it will be extra costs for every client as they chosen to have a themed bedroom, as most of the items, furniture and materials will be purchased with the signature brand, The team always encourage the client to follow the interest of their kids as we always wanted all the best for them. At the same time, the Luxury Antonovich design will assure that everything will be worth spending for most especially when it comes to the happiness of our kids.

Racing-Themed Bedroom for Kids

The Luxury Antonovich design team made it sure to provide exactly the same points that the client has been required. For the benefit of the happiness of the kids that will be staying on this bedroom, The interior design team has been creatively combined all the stylish materials to be well created a very nice bedroom in a racing-themed design. The main feature of this area, we have made it possible to install a bed which is completely made up of full car design. The full walls are decorated with a racing car features which have been extended on the curtains design. An entertainment set has been installed in one part of the house completed with a flat-screen TV, a desktop computer and other decorative materials which is still on a racing car themed design. And the best decoration that handles the complete racing car feature of this bedroom is having a huge replica of a Lamborghini car and logo. This Kids bedroom design was indeed represented how creative our interior design team can be able to provide a very stylish solution to achieve every themed bedroom.

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