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Today’s trend shows extravagant details at its best. People are into an elegant look and ambiance. And if you are the type of person who is very detail-oriented and wants a house that is very mansion-like then this interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design could be the next home for you.

In this collection by the amazing and talented Luxury Antonovich Design, the vibrant colors of orange and teal pop up to complete the cozy and sophisticated look of the interior design. Each and every color is designed and combined with other colors which makes the room more exquisite and gorgeous. In the first collection, orange and gold are the main themes with a hint of gold in some corners. The overall look adds huge impact to the beautiful furniture designs as well as the interior of the overall look of the house. The dining area became more amazing and the living room area with colors of blue, pale orange and white are just outstanding.


The other parts of the home exhibit the same color scheme. With the use of gorgeous teal and orange, the room became very vibrant and beautiful. With every inch of beauty that the team of Luxury Antonovich Design has added, you will be sure to have a luxury place that everyone will love to have. You will feel total relaxation and comfortability in every angle of the house. The amazing take on this total interior design is its beauty in colors as well as the proper elements put into the furniture designs. Each designs have materials that are stunning and durable and you won't have a hard time maintaining them.

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