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Best Landscaping Services in California

Every Landscape design of the house represents the entire feature of the project. It requires a very well implementation that will be resulting to a very Successful Work of Art. Luxury Antonovich Design would be definitely the perfect choice of a Company that will provide an exceptional Work and implementation for the best Landscape Design of every Project.

Proper Development of a Landscape Layout

The root of every successful project is coming from the efficient planning of the Layout. From the Drawing itself, realization of proper spacing and balance of every area will be well identify. Elevation Drawing will shows the symmetrical features of the exterior such as the accurate sized of the window, Design and supporting linings of the main door, and using the outdoor lamps and lightings. All the outdoor materials to be used will be well selected according to the Concept Design of the Landscape.

Achieving the successful Landscape Design

On this Modern Styled Landscape in California, We are claiming the victory as we have exceeded the client expectations. We did the final Handover of this project successfully. As you can see, all the feature of the landscape design is very unique and deluxe.  We have used a combination of Modern Bricks and a very fine wallings for the Exterior. We associated it using a Huge Tinted Windows with dark linings. We have installed a very trendy metallic Door for a very modern result. We leave an sufficient space for the Parking area according to the client requirement. Fence design has been completed with a concrete stylish finishing.

Modern and Creative Features for Landscape Design

The perfect Choice of using Local Plants and trees all over the landscape area results to very amazing outcome for the entire Landscape Design. In fact on the back side of the house, we have installed a natural plant on the walling’s which we found very unique idea. We made a magnificent swimming pool associated with a very lovely and modern style metallic water fall. We have put up a very relaxing out door sitting area to enjoy a very relaxing and resort like ambiance on this Amazing Landscape Design

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