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In a Luxurious world of Architecture and Interior Design, there has been always a room for improving and expanding the services towards every work and requirements. That is why once that the Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been decided to extend all the service in the USA by opening a branch, the entire Architectural and Interior Design team has been very excited and inspired to start working. It has been another great advantage that we already had successful and existing projects in the USA. It has become the perfect milestone for the full team to continually accepting projects in all parts of USA and one of it is in LA. Luxury Antonovich Design is Proudly presenting this Exclusive Home design for the interior which is situated in LA.

How did we work?

Working with exceptional Interior Home design for international projects has been always close with the procedures that Luxury Antonovich design is doing with the local projects. And since that we already have a direct office branch in the USA, the entire team is now very much accessible for all the Architectural and Interior Design Transactions that has to be done in the USA. It is going to all the same Professional Procedures, and when it comes to the selection of materials stage, our team will be doing an advanced presentation of materials and furniture’s to the client to be able to arrange all the shipments ahead of time. Just like this Exceptional Interior Home Design wherein more of the furniture’s and materials are from Turkey, Italy and some are customized. We have carefully followed all the instructions and points from the client about creating the Luxurious Interior Home Design by putting up neutral colors to make the entire area looks pleasant and welcoming. We have used different unique materials and decorations for the walls scheme and the ceiling scheme by having matching designs. Putting up a very nice and stylish chandelier with a composition of hanging crystal pieces makes the entire interior design more luxurious. The decorations and furniture’s has been very well selected with a very nice coating design of light brown and gold. We have managed to put up natural plants inside the house to make the area more lively and nature-friendly.

Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been always working with great passion towards every Project and Design that has to be created. Our main goal is to provide all the best Architectural and Interior Design with the Premium International standards.

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