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An Extra Luxurious and Stylish Furniture Design

Every Furniture design and style will complete every interior design set up of the home. And every Interior design arrangement represents the personality and lifestyle of the owner. That is why it very important to select proper furniture design and style that will be very suitable for your family’s status and representation. Luxury Antonovich Design will help every client and homeowner to select the furniture design and decorations that will be very suitable to the family’s status. With the great partnership with the world’s top furniture manufacturer and suppliers, every Project design that the Luxury Antonovich Design is executing always achieves all the best spectacular interior design arrangement that always exceeds every client’s requirements and achieve their satisfaction in every work design.

The Bellotti furniture design collection has a sense of style and creativity that always matches the full interior design arrangement full of class and glam. It embodies a special accuracy in style and sizes as it features a special composition of a very classy and elegance in every furniture design pieces. Bellotti Furniture collection did not focus on one concept design of furniture but also perfectly suitable in every concept design and theme weather it is Classical, Contemporary modern and modern classic furniture design. Every Furniture set compliments the full art and style with the best design features and creativity in every angle and edges with the full interior design setting. When it comes to an extra luxurious interior design set up, Bellotti furniture collection specialized in the very detailed art design and classy embroideries that complete the full elegance of every furniture design.


Modern Living Room Furniture – A completely classy and trendy design collection with a special presence of art and style that has the ability to transform every living room into the most luxurious and elegant style.

Classic Living Room Furniture – It embodies the completely luxury and comfort that will ease the whole day of work into amazing relaxing experience with a complete touch of Glam and beauty.


Luxury Bedroom Furniture – With the perfect blend of premium class quality of Bedroom Furniture, every design has been very well crafted with perfection by using the best selection of fabrics, finishing, embroideries, special cuts and carvings and most especially the warm sophistication for the perfect selected design and colors.


Dining Room Furniture Set – Bellotti Furniture collection is proudly presenting a dining room furniture set that is suitable for a small family group and for the large family members. A special touch of elegance is what makes every furniture design extra unique and sophisticated. 

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