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Artistically Stunning Furniture Design - An Italian Made Furniture Design Collection 

The most convenient way to select the necessary items of Luxury furniture is the choice of the presented series of modular luxury furniture. In this case, you can always alone or with the help of our qualified consultants, to equip the room with any parameters, fully meet all the requirements of the interior design of the premises. It should be noted that many of the series of such furniture can effectively and aesthetically complement virtually any roomIncluding, for example, a bedroom, which is not only a place for relaxation and sleep but the place where an emotional component present that allows you to more effectively recover both physical and moral strength.

We work with leading manufacturers of Italy, who are world leaders in the manufacture and sale of luxury furniture. Excellent quality of Italian furniture is known all over the world, that is the best recommendation of our quality furniture. Our goal - to strive to keep up with the growing demands of the global furniture market. Our range of products - is the Italian furniture, namely bedrooms, living room sets, cabinets, cupboards, mirrors, children's room sets, lobby, office, soft furniture, tables, chairs, lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps. Thanks to an affordable price, a wide range, variety of styles from classic to modern, the furniture company "Luxury Antonovich Design" is in great demand.

In the company "Luxury Antonovich Design" you can buy Italian furniture, which is available, as well as to order from catalogs. Ordered furniture from catalogs is made within 50 working days after ordering ( earlier delivery possible), and furniture, available in stock, delivered within the terms agreed with the client.

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