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The furniture from Luxury Antonovich design, it is a symbol of luxury and prestige.

Produced from natural wood, covered with expensive Italian leather. We offer only the best samples of wood leather chair. Leather chair meets the eye with its high style and quality of performance. The graceful lines, expensive materials, convenience and comfort - sitting on this couch you will feel relaxation and confidence in the future. The leather accent chairs for living room will give you unforgettable evenings with the pleasant conversations. If you are looking for a high-quality leather furniture in Africa – a company Luxury Antonovich design will be happy to help you in the selection of the furniture. There are a large variety of Leather chair in our assortment with various options of sizes and colors. Choose for yourself the quality luxurious sofa or armchair made from the genuine leather in the office or home. Your guests will be fascinated by the quality and exclusive look of Italian soft furniture.

The company Luxury Antonovich design offers not only high quality Leather chair, but also the complete sets of soft furniture made from natural wood and high-quality Italian leather. By purchasing a wood leather chair, you will be sure in a successful combination of style and comfort. The use of natural materials in the production of luxury soft furniture not only provides environmental friendliness of the products, but also its durability. The prestige and quality of Italian furniture, which is made from natural wood leather, does not caused doubt in the customers.

With lounge leather chair, only the highest quality materials and used: luxury Italian leather, natural wood and furniture fittings of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The strict quality control is simply at all stages of production allows to maintain a consistently high quality product. Home is the place where each of us feels safe can relax and be yourself. The style of the room, location and style of furniture contributes to it. Today, designers offer leather furniture chairs, which suit any taste.

The lounge leather chair are for those who like the sophistication and the style. Many people want to shape the office or a house by the expensive designer items, and they include furniture. Elite chairs are created using the latest technologies and have obligatory:
Natural material (leather, wood);

Elegant design;

Bright shades.
The models of furniture that meet all of these parameters are presented in the catalog of Luxury Antonovich Design. The exclusive products are created using individual projects and embody the requirements of the customer. The special forms and colors emphasize the royal majesty of lounge chairs. The Modern in premium furniture is a combination of leather and metal, unusual forms and refinement. The upholstery of premium seats should be strong and durable. The natural materials are used often for this purpose – fabric and leather. The leather chairs refer to never dying classics and fit straight into any interior. However, the modern furniture industry offers the special solutions - synthetic leather, fabrics and other materials have a special appearance, giving the nobility to the items.

We offer expensive seats that are differed with an elegant design. There are rounded shapes in classic models, straight lines and angles in models of modern styles. The bright colors make it possible to go beyond the usual monochrome interiors. You can find and book in our catalog the seats for your home and office. We offer also sofas that suit any taste. It is possible to create a unique design of the room with our help.

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