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Luxury furniture and luxury decor are designed to emphasize the success and achievements of the owners of offices and thus contribute to productive work and successful negotiations

In today's world, every luxury mansion or luxury apartment include a home office.The design of the office of the head becomes an obligatory point in the creation of author's projects by Studio Elite Interiors Luxury Antonovich Design. Among our customers are successful businessmen, government officials, showbiz stars, and artists.

Every client spends much time doing things he love and the interior of the working office must be perfectly designed so that every moment spent in it was useful.

The design of the office of the head - is a very interesting direction in interior design. Dubai Interior Design, which we offer to customers, designed to give a feeling of absolute comfort and, of course, emphasize the status.The working office interior design is interesting because here you need to skillfully combine working atmosphere with the warmth of home comfort. We are creating luxury offices of that ideally contribute to the creative inspiration of their owners.

Like any other room in the house, an office should match the style of the overall design concept.

The design of the office of the head in a classic style - it's one of the finest ways to emphasize respectability, gentility, and nobility of its owner. Here, interior designers apply such traditional elements as luxurious curtains in a classic style made of luxury fabrics with a rich finish.For such offices, we often offer luxury furniture from Italy.Such furniture is a work of art. It is encrusted with precious stones, carved decor handmade with gilding and, of course, this furniture is made of rare wood.Complement the interiors of private offices in a classic style canvases, sculptures and elegant showcases with family heirlooms. Of course, a huge role in the design of the office of the head has the lighting.In the classic style along with traditional chandeliers, we complement lighting with lines of LED backlighting and modern ceiling lights, so you can easily vary the level of illumination.

The design of the office of the head in Art Deco style as elegant and festive in nature, just like any other apartment in this style.It is women leaders and creative people are often the style of Art Deco for the office choose. These offices are luxurious and very romantic, there lives an inspiration, often comes muse. The magnificent decoration of windows harmonizes with elegant decoration of walls, in which there are traditional elements of Art Deco style, it is mirrored panels with bevel and soft wall panels.

Chief's office in a modern style or Art Nouveau style embodies innovative ideas, which are based on the possibilities of new technologies.Such working offices usually choose scientists, heads of IT-companies, directors of large enterprises.Such interior combines comfort and functionality, perfect for a working mood.


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