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Artistic Mosaic Design – Made By the Professional Designers


To achieve a more attractive and artistic Interior Design The arrangement, The Luxury Antonovich Design Team most especially our artistic and professional interior designers is commonly using the traditional and latest style of mosaic art for every furniture set as well as in every home decorations. Having the mosaic design makes every furniture design extra attractive and stylish having its very creative colors and style. Mosaic can be made up of art glass pieces and sometimes from different prestigious materials with a combination of some of the steel, stones, precious stones, semi-precious stones, marble, tiles and more. Every mosaic design composition is made to impress and level up the design coordination of every creative approach of art. Every Furniture Design with a mosaic style is used to embellish decorative art and structures for every furniture design.

There are glass mosaic which is typically divided into different subcategories of art-making and make it as the major parts of every furniture and decorations. This wonderful mosaic design can be used as the major decoration in every wall, ceiling, and outdoor arrangements. It can also be used to embellish furniture, home decorations, and accessories to embody art and creativity in every edge of the home. Performing the Glass mosaic design took a long term study and compositions to be able to accomplish a very special arrangement of gems with a semi-precious stone that will turn out the most luxurious and artistic work of art that will be the greatest part of the full interior design arrangement.

Luxury Antonovich Design has an in-house artist and furniture designers as part of our furniture production team that is why every mosaic design made and created by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team is surely a masterpiece with a very unique and exclusive design. So if you want your home or interior design arrangement to be more artistic and stylish, why not adding the art pieces itself as the greatest part of your interior decoration and furniture arrangement and it will surely achieve the masterpiece that you are always desiring.


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