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Dubai Marina, Dubai

Author's flat project design in Abu Dhabi from Luxury Antonovich Design is designed in modern style. Interior design UAE, which our studio offers, is a flight into the future of luxury and comfort. We set new fashion trends. To order Interior Design Abu Dhabi at our studio means to get an interior that become a real prediction and the future of a new style of luxury and comfort. The flat interior impresses with its harmony and mood of warmth of home comfort. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi as a basis took a nice range of bright colors. Traditionally, combining living room, dining room and kitchen, the designers cleverly zoned space through the ceiling and wall decor. The ceiling is divided in several niches, each of which is filled with decorative plaster with the texture of suede beige color. Under the light of the crystal chandeliers and lighting, these additional lines of exquisite pieces shimmer with perfect reflections. The ceiling is combined wide snow-white molding. Dining area is located near the window. Soft velor chairs are upholstered in pale beige color. The same shade silk decorated a large window with a beautiful view of the beautiful city. Flat interior design Abu Dhabi aims to emphasize the high status and respectability of its owner. This interior designers have made using noble materials. Noble marble floor, luxurious fabrics, exquisite three-dimensional panels on the walls, elite furniture. All these factors make up a harmonious and luxurious image of the modern flat interior. Total range of light shades of cream and milk blended with warm accents оf wood furniture оf valuable species. The kitchen elegantly fits into the apartment without loading by its presence. Behind the elegant glossy milky facades of the kitchen the most advanced storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances hide. Interior Design in Abu Dhabi reflects the absolute comfort and luxury, which are now impossible without the use of new technologies and new gadgets.

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