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Clutter is your greatest enemy while living in a Miami luxury condo, so make the most of your storage space. Take a cue from urban planning and build upwards rather than outwards. While taking up minimal floor space, bookcases that reach the ceiling and a general mix of open and closed storage are ideal for stacking books, plants, crockery, and other miscellaneous items. Bring everything up, from your kitchen cabinets to your window coverings, so that it doesn't all huddle around the floor. A nice, small wall-mounted desk will do if you don't have the money for a large wall unit. If you can fill a tiny area with natural light, it will look 10 times larger. Unfortunately, windows are common in most tiny places.

There are other methods for increasing the quantity of light in your life for the apartment. Hang a mirror next to a window on the wall to add natural light. Choose neutral hues that reflect white light and transparent white window coverings to let in light without deterring creepers. If you have any choice over the paint color of your tiny house, choose lighter, light-reflecting hues to keep the area feeling breezy and open. Consider other lighting options for your Miami apartment, such as offering softer mood lighting instead of depending entirely on harsh overhead lighting.

The shadows and forms generated by lamps, reading lights, and fairy lights all make a place look bigger than it is. Is it still overly bright? Try draping a silk scarf over the top to create a beautiful punch of color. Whitewashing is a popular technique for making a tiny place appear larger and more modern. Color may provide the feeling that a place is claustrophobic, which can be effective. By using more neutral hues and adding one accent color to the mix, such as on a tiny accent wall or in an area rug, you can bring a lot of elegance and space to a small house. Don't allow your little area to prevent you from selecting a decent rug. A huge rug covering much of the floor area may have the opposite effect, but a little rug would almost certainly make the room feel cramped.

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