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Family hotel design

A Private Hotel Design for the Family

Creating a Hotel Design has always a concept that needs to follow aside from the requirements and points from the owners. Just like the residential project, Every Architectural and Interior design developments for the Hotels and any other Commercial establishments requires following the systematic way of implementation in the form of the step by step procedures of every stage of the Project. The main important root that shall be developing is the methodical organizing of the main layout and drawings of the hotel project. Where in all the areas shall be well identified to complete a balance designing for all the spaces. It follows a unique designing for the Exterior and Interior of the Hotel project which is also divided on a set of stages of work. And to follow the exact design which is stated with the proposals according to what clients approved, the selection of the furniture and materials will be carrying a huge part for the full hotel project. However, it will bring out the best convenient with the client as the Luxury Antonovich Design has been tied up with the most professional Companies that are the best provider of the Furniture and Materials international. And for the Last Stage of completing the Hotel Project, there will be a supervision that will be conducted by the full team and with the Chief Designer. This Hotel is designed with a Family styled House which will bring out exactly a Home away from the Home experience in every stay.

The Creative Design for the Exterior and Landscape

The entire outdoor design has been very well executed with a collective outdoor amazing feature and unique ideas. The Exterior design on the front side of the establishment is a modern bungalow style with a very nice presentation of decorative outdoor materials. A Huge swimming pool with the very nice scenery of nature was placed at the center of the landscape area as its main feature. It is surrounded by a comfortable pool chairs and tent cottages. The very nice atmosphere of the Landscape design will bring out a very relaxing soothing comfort in every stay of the guest and families as it is surrounded by the very amusing nature.

Artistic Interior Design and Decorations for the Public Areas and Restaurants

The Interior designer of this Hotel project has come to a very great idea to create and combine creativity and comfort in all public areas and Restaurants. It results to a very nice and creative interior design that what makes it completely unique and exceptional.

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