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A well-designed premium hotel luxury interior design project that combines exceptional design with practical and pleasant solutions is admired by everybody. These premium boutique hotels were created by some of the best interior designers and are widely recognized as some of the best places to stay! The finest luxury interior designs for hospitality projects may also serve as the main inspiration source for your home décor design since it highlights the major aspects of a property on a larger scale. These gorgeous boutique hotels, created by renowned interior designers such as Concept, are the perfect design inspiration for your next project.



The Luxury Antonovich Design has completed a number of world-class hotels architectural and luxury interior design projects, as well as full fit-out works, and is regarded as the Best in Class-Hotel Fit-out Company in the USA, having completed various architectural and fit-out procedures all over the world. Luxury Antonovich Design just finished one of the most successful Hotel luxury interior design projects.

The Luxury Antonovich Design team has established itself as one of the industry's best hotel fit-out contractors, capable of producing world-class solutions. This is yet another great example of why the Luxury Antonovich Design team is a world-class fit-out firm in the USA, as it employs the most experienced and capable Hotel Fit-out Contractors and interior designers who can design any residential, commercial, or even large-scale projects in the hospitality industry.

Starting with incredibly systematic planning procedures and precise organization of the whole hotel layout, the Luxury Antonovich Design team methodically arranges the entire project design for each hotel to achieve the most desired style. Another significant decision made by the owner is the idea for each hotel project; nevertheless, it is vital to offer them the most professional guidelines to help them pick the most correct concept that will fit in not only with the project's location but also with the surrounding region.

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