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Villas of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida

Luxury Interior Design for Villas in Miami

West palm beach has been very well known as one of the prime locations in Florida. As it has been located near the shoreline which has been the center of business and tourism, Most of the properties along the area have a very fine architectural design and filled with completely elegant interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has been developed several residential properties in West Palm Beach Florida and one of the best implementations have been very well created for these luxurious villa designs. The full interior design setting has been artistically decorated with the most luxurious furniture design set up. Each wonderful piece has been meticulously created and made up of premium class materials and finest finishing. The flooring design has been perfectly arranged with a great combination of a flooring an elegant arrangement of flooring design with a set of unique carpet design. The full flooring design has been perfectly matching the full furniture setting as it compliments every hues and style. Magnificent wall decoration has created an extra classy look towards the full interior design having the most creative attractive look.

The open kitchen interior design has been filled with a perfect form of joinery art with the latest design ideas which has been originally created by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team. The open kitchen design has perfectly matched with the circular dining set with a modern style set. The full furniture arrangement and decorations for the open kitchen up to the dining room has been made up of premium class materials and high-quality finishing. Bedroom interiors are exquisite, as it has the most luxurious interior design set up from a very meticulous selection of furniture and materials that brings extra comfort and coziness towards the full bedroom interiors. Wardrobe interior design has been formed with a greater artistic design that brings out the most functional interior design setting. The elegance and luxuriousness of the full interior design set up have been extended through the bathroom interiors as we have selected the top sanitary materials and bathroom decorations to create the most pleasant and luxurious design.


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