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Family Sitting Room

A World Class Interior Design

As being part of the fast-growing demand of Architecture and Interior Design International, Luxury Antonovich Design has been continuously expanding the business all over the world to be able to be more accessible with the International Clients. One of the recent branches that have been open and started to operate was in Florida – USA. From then, we have continuously received more upcoming projects to develop all over the country. As the Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known with the most exceptional Architectural and Interior Design Works, the full forced team continues to strive and always bring out a World Class Architectural and Interior Design towards every work.

The composition of a Magnificent Family Sitting Room

Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing every Luxury Interior Design with full of Passion and Inspiration towards every Work. Creating this another work of art was indeed another great achievement for the entire Design Team as it has been successfully performed all the Luxury Design that the Client has desired. Starting with the developments of the ceiling design, installing a very glamorous crystal chandelier with a very creative lining and stylish gypsum bring out the best Luxury design for the entire sitting area. With the premium class materials and items that have been installed and design with the wall scheme, results to a very elegant result. As the main feature of this area, the Interior Design Team has remained focused on selecting the most elegant and high-class furniture for the sofa chairs and the use of premium class fabrics. A neutral color with a creative lining of the floor scheme has been completed with a very nice carpet design. The perfect combination of Lavender and matte gold color for the curtains and pillows brings out a very vibrant mood for the entire area. Since that this Family Sitting area is very spacious, the interior Design Team made it sure that there will be a perfect balancing and accuracy with the design, furniture and decorations that have been installed and delivered.

Stages and Procedures in Developing the Family Sitting Area

•         planning – Doing a very systematically arrangement and technical know-how in creating the main Layout of the Project.

•         organizing – All different aspects of professional working by having the most accurate communication with all the team involved as well as the project owner.

•         Development – of every stage to be all synchronized with the final design that has been well presented and approved by the Client.

•         Implementation – Doing the most proper execution with all the best accuracy of work that has to be performed up to the final stage of the Project. 

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