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Chic Sitting Interior Design

 A Luxurious Contemporary Sitting Area

Most of the Traditional sitting area has been designed with a very wide spacing and a matching set of sofa chairs. This Luxurious Contemporary style sitting area has been done and created in a very unique and exquisite House Design. This house design is one of the best examples that once have seen and enter this area everyone would feel and knows that it has been perfectly planned and arranged by having the best selections of materials and furniture. Indeed, All the furniture that has been used and installed in this House design are from the premium class, some of it is custom made furniture that makes the entire House design feature very unique. The entire sitting area has a very wide and neutral design of ceiling scheme and what it makes a cozy mood is the perfect selection of the lighting temperature. Walls and floors scheme design creatively made a very dominant design with a mixture of the hardwood and concrete materials. A huge glass door with the very nice wooden frame has been installed as the partition of this sitting area and the hallway. A very stylish and trendy tall stand which is also from world-class hard materials has been perfectly design and decorated inside this Luxurious Sitting Area. We can really claim that this Contemporary Sitting Area Design was an American inspired as everything has been well arranged to organize. A very comfortable and stylish sofa chair has been well designed as well by having its premium class fabrics finished as well as from the pillows. The rectangular center table which is made up with hardwood materials has been beautifully arranged at the center with having a nice arrangement of centerpiece and decorations.

Inspirational Design By Luxury Antonovich

Aside from holding the Top Architectural and Interior Design Firm International, Luxury Antonovich design team has been always well known for providing all the best work and implementations towards every project. One of the best inspirations that the team has been always considering is making the Dream come true for every client projects either it is residential, Commercial or Industrial Properties. As our main goal is to deliver all the exceptional work towards a very successful work.

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