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Elledue Furniture – Made with Art and Perfection

Part of the expanding services and facilities that the Luxury Antonovich Design is offering in the worldwide industry of Architecture and Interior Design, Our team keeps on studying and discovering new design and style that will bring out the best enhancement in every project that we are handling most especially in the USA. The USA architecture and interior design have very wide standards when it comes to architecture and interior design implementations. Most of the villas in the USA are embracing the modern style of the concept with very high quality and style which are all made up of premium class materials and compositions. One of the major brand discoveries by the Luxury Antonovich Design is the Elledue furniture collection which has been very well known for its very exceptional design and quality worldwide.

Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting the Elledue Furniture Collection which is a specialist in Developing Tailor-made interior design projects. Discover the latest collection of Elledue Furniture design collection which is all developed by international architects and furniture designers. Elledue furniture collection is made in Italy which is the center of the highest standard in furniture designing and execution worldwide. Elledue is Luxury contemporary-classic furniture which is all designed to perfection as it is still the top furniture brand in the world market of furniture. Its world-class design and success are based on our ability to offer great quality, innovative design and highly detailed furniture collections that can be customized to suit each customer’s specific needs. Its production team is very well inspired and passionate to bring out the most exclusive and unique style in every furniture that continuously developing each furniture design by meticulously selecting each composition with refined materials, fabrics and finishes.

Each Furniture Design Collection is carefully developed internally or designed by international architects – have peculiar moods and inspirations and our diverse range can satisfy quite different tastes. Every Furniture Style has a very stylish approach from classic mood up to fresh, bold and modern way. Elledue Furniture Collection is something that can never be questioned when it comes to artisanal craftsmanship on one side and the use of modern technologies on the other. Every piece comes from a very creative mind that has a strong and long term expertise in high-end furniture manufacturing and a complete range of services.


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