Nigeria Interior Design


Have you ever thought about that any even an impeccable design project is only half the work that must be done? Very often, design studios are responsible only for the quality of the design project but not for its implementation. What does it mean? And the fact that you paid a lot of money for an exclusive expensive project, and as a result, the construction company that you hired did the opposite from what was envisaged in the project. Are the builders to blame? Not always, builders do not always understand the subtleties of design, especially luxury segment. That is why it is necessary to give preference to the turn-key design projects. But how can a design studio supervise a construction team that can work on the other side of the world? It’s very easy for the studio Luxury Antonovich Design because we are not looking for troubles with unfamiliar builders. 

Katrina Antonovich, CHIEF DESIGNER Luxury Antonovich Design

We will send builders anywhere in the world for the most accurate implementation of our projects

  • Works on gypsum and marble
  • Facade Decor  
  • Installation of furniture
  • Installation and Fixation of curtains

We have successful experience in implementing challenging design projects around the world. We take all the worries, the client will only need to cross the threshold. We do sophisticated luxury interiors because of this we can entrust the implementation of our projects only to super professionals. This is why our construction team, having received the drawings is ready to go anywhere in the world for a quality project implementation in just a few days. 

Make your dreams come true, order a project from us and you will get 

  • — Exclusive interior design project or house design. We approach each project individually, taking into account all the customer's wishes. We use the latest fashion trends. 
  • — Savings on materials. When you work with us, you save money. Thanks to our discounts and wholesale conditions, we can provide you a discount up to 25% on finishing and construction materials. 
  • — Guarantee for finishing and construction works. Accuracy in detail. Our experts in the field of finishing and construction work will allow us to execute the project qualitatively and on time, taking into account all technical features, following the technology. 
  • — Author's supervision. When working with our team of builders and finishers, we provide you with free author's supervision. You can be sure of 100% fulfillment of all the ideas of the designer, without extra costs. 

How we work 

You contact us. In order to quickly get a construction team at your disposal, you need to determine the start date. Our managers will help to choose the most advantageous and convenient option, after which a construction team will come to the site. The construction team has a package of permits that allow working legally all over the world. 

List of works for the construction team. The construction team receives your application, after confirmation the foreman goes to your site and discusses with you all the details. The construction team is selected exclusively according to the requirements of the designer and the customer, for productive and high-quality work. 

As a result, you get a 100% ready project and most importantly — very quickly! Wherever you are on the Earth, our construction team is ready to come to you, and embody the most daring and challenging design projects. For the Luxury Antonovich Design's construction team, there is nothing impossible!