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White and Gold Bedroom Interior


The finest place to begin infusing your space with radiance is with a chandelier. Consider an attractive chandelier with a touch of whimsy for your home. For example, choose one with more glass and a touch of gold on the arms rather than one with a lot of metal. This will bring elegance to your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom. Yes, chandeliers aren't only for dining rooms anymore—-consider adding one to an unexpected space for more glitz. Any contemporary design magazine will show you magnificent interiors with accents of gold and glitter carefully placed throughout the space. How can you get these interior design styles without making your house plan design appear tacky? Replace your drapes, linens, area rugs, cushions, and other materials with hints or accents of gold hues throughout your house plan design. Alternatively, paint one neutral-colored wall a gleaming gold accent wall. If a wall seems too brave, try painting an accent item, such as a coffee table and luxury furniture, in gold paint. If that's too much gold for you, try adding a couple of throws pillows with flecks or swirls of glittering gold trim running through them—- large or tiny.

A simple gold runner may be used to glamorize any table and luxury furniture in your house plan design throughout the year. If you're hosting a special dinner, set the table and luxury furniture with gold place settings, and gold napkins – perhaps rimmed in gold – for that extra glitz and glamour. Even something as simple as some gold decorative balls placed in a gold-rimmed bowl or golden tray can add the perfect hint of glitz to your home. Take a look at the modern décor on the side table and luxury furniture in the image below —- two little gold birds perch atop the gold table and luxury furniture, completing the look.

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