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Wall Papers

The aesthetic perfection of interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is based on a fine combination of finishing materials, textures, colors and decorative elements. One of the walls decor option is luxury wallpaper from leading manufacturers. We offer exclusive solutions for those who can afford the best and are true connoisseurs of luxury.

Elite wallpaper from Luxury Antonovich Design is

Nowadays, a huge selection of wallpaper and thousands of combinations allow creating each time really exclusive designs. the Thanks to the diversity of elite decor, from traditional classics to extravagant high-tech. For the interiors, we choose original patterns, nice looking colors, and unique textures.

Wallpaper can decorate a room of any type. This is possible thanks to the luxury wallpaper, which can be made of different materials.

Textile wallpaper

This is one of the most popular wallpaper for the interior design in a classic style. Today, manufacturers produce new collections for interiors in modern style. True connoisseurs appreciate the luxury textile wallpaper because of its pleasant look, natural texture, and wonderful wear resistance and durability. Textile wallpaper is also characterized by excellent sound and heat insulation.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper can be a real highlight of any interior. Very often they are used for the decoration of public interiors. This is due to the fact that this wallpaper is durable and resistant. Fine textures and colors are additional advantages.

Non-woven wallpaper

This wallpaper has extensive decorative possibilities. There is an incredible variety of colors, relief, polychrome and monotonous textures. This is an excellent choice for exclusive designs. In this area, manufacturers offer luxury collections with floral motifs, oriental ornaments, and abstract patterns.

Natural wallpaper

This is the most environmentally friendly type of decorative wall coverings. Natural wallpaper is made of bamboo, jute, sisal, nettles and other plants. By decorating the wall with natural wallpaper, you will bring into  a house a wonderful atmosphere of nature and relaxation.

Particularly, wallpaper opens for designers an incredible scope for creativity. As nowadays, there are unique 3D wallpaper, magnetic wallpaper, optical wallpaper, wallpaper with chameleon effect to name a few. Every year the possibilities of interior design are becoming wider with new technologies.

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