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Roller blinds are making a resurgence as a popular window covering, whether in antique or modern homes. When rolled up, their elegant lines give seclusion without becoming bulky or obstructing the view. Roller blinds are block lighter than mini-blinds when completely extended, making them perfect for media rooms. Some homeowners, however, are afraid to buy roller blinds because they believe they require expert installation. Roller blinds may be fitted with minimal effort if you have the correct equipment.

Determine the type of surface on which the roller blinds will be mounted. The screws that come with the roller blinds are usually designed for use on solid wood. If you're going to put the blinds on metal, use sheet metal screws, or hollow wall anchors if you're going to place them on plaster or wallboard.

During the day, roller blinds keep the sun out while providing solitude at night. You may easily raise or lower the shade by twirling it slightly at the bottom. A hollow tube-like roller with a spring within is used to control roller blinds. When you pull the shade down, it puts more tension on the spring. When you lift the shade, the stress is relieved. You can buy a new shade or a new roller tube if you're having difficulties with the shade, but both are expensive. If you'd rather, try a few simple fixes.


Blackout blinds are the ideal option for springtime bedrooms. Light pollution is a well-known issue in many urban places, and it's undoubtedly to blame for many nights of sleepless nights. Blackout Blind Installers in the USA More and more people are choosing blackout blinds and blackout roller blinds in their homes and offices as a way to fight this. Look no further if you're looking for window blinds. Our unique fabrics and linings for blinds are ideal for bedrooms where a gloomy environment promotes a restful night's sleep. They may also be utilized to great success throughout the rest of your home — for example, they work to decrease glare on your TV screen in the living room.

Is it time for you to obtain light-free blinds for your office or home? To assist you in finding the appropriate blinds, we may give you a free design consultation at your location. Then, depending on your schedule, we may install your new blinds at a time that is convenient for you, including nights and weekends. In order to successfully block natural light, we always ensure that your new Sunshine Free blinds will fit exactly with your windows as skilled blind fitters.

In our blinds collection, you'll find blackout curtains alternatives. With a variety of vibrant and flamboyant or subtle neutral designs, several of our Roller blinds incorporate innovative blackout coatings. With many entertaining alternatives for children's bedrooms and nurseries, you may choose from modest plains or exuberant patterns.

Furthermore, all of our Roman blinds come with blackout linings, allowing you to choose from a wide range of attractive designs that will keep the light out. The same may be said about our gorgeous curtain fabrics.

With the help of the Luxury Antonovich Design team which has been an expert in terms of curtain and blinds solutions, every interior will surely achieve the most desirable mood.

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