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Down Tower, Dubai

The luxurious apartment interior in Abu Dhabi is in the best tradition of the classical style. Unique interiors in the spirit of modern classics from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design always impress with their perfection and harmony, luxurious appearance and unique design solutions. Apartment Design Abu Dhabi embodies the spirit of aristocracy and adjusts to a pleasant feeling of warmth of home comfort. The nobility and elegance are inherent in every square meter. A sophisticate taste and love of art are reflected, starting from the interior of the spacious hall. Here one of the walls is decorated with exquisite bas-relief with a romantic urban landscape. It is framed with two graceful half-columns with stucco capitals. Apartment design Abu Dhabi simply radiates warmth of home comfort. In the hall the mood is emphasized with luxury silk wallpaper with lace ornaments and elegant furniture made of wood of valuable species. In the living room cozy and luxurious mood of interior is enhanced by designers Dubai with the use of decoration of precious wood in floors and luxurious Persian rug. Furniture is upholstered with magnificent textiles in warm rich hues with exquisite patterns. Two large comfortable sofas and a large dining table , surrounded with high chairs with noble backs, makes clear that the owners of the house are very hospitable and welcoming people. High ceilings in cream colors are decorated with an elegant crystal chandelier, surrounded by swirls of stucco decoration. Slight accent of elegant Art Deco was a large textile panel framed with mirror panels. Apartment design Abu Dhabi clearly stands the mood of elegance and grace in every room. Bedroom design has acquired its own special character with a cozy and seductive notes. Luxurious bed with high upholstered headboard, which is upholstered in velvet noble of warm shade of pink and encrusted with carved decoration, became the main ornament of the apartment. An exquisite pouf, elegant bed and window decoration continued luxuriously decorated walls. Textile wallpaper is covered with exquisite gold lace.

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