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World Trade Centre Apartment Interior

This luxurious apartment interior in the UAE is designed with exclusive creativity and a harmoniously combined with a modern style and art deco theme. Luxury Antonovich Interior Designers in Dubai skillfully designed this particular architectural layout, of the apartment and created an oasis of relaxation and family happiness. The main heroine of this luxurious interior story has become the graceful staircase. This composition is designed integrally with the floors and ceilings.

The round base of the stairs is surrounded with circular carvings within light marble textures. The top the stair portal opens with rounded contours reflecting on the second floor. Expressive and beautiful imagery is added with lighting spotlights, around the perimeter of the ceiling. This luxurious place of the apartment continues to a no less luxurious living room.
In the living room interior shade creates a light mood of morning chill. The abundance of windows that are decorated with concise noble silk curtains, which fill the interior with sufficient daylight.

At dusk, the apartment is lightened with a big elegant chandelier, which is covered with a large circular niche backlight. The lush sofas are upholstered in silk velvet of a soft cream tone. The space of the living room is not loaded with unnecessary details, here you feel the space and can breathe easily. The two young Daughters rooms require bright and juicy colors, fun interiors and a charming décor.

When the design for apartment living in the UAE we take into account the wishes and dreams of every member of a large and happy family. We promise to create a future for our customers, that will continue to be fashionable for many years. This apartment interior in the UAE is a source of joy and happiness, as well as a source of pride for its owners.

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