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Modern living room


If you're looking for green living room ideas, you've come to the right place. Green is a vibrant and invigorating color that comes in a variety of tints, ranging from the elegant and calm sage to the brilliant and cheery emerald or the deep and soothing teal. Green goes with everything, including whites, creams, and greys, which are all common living room hues. We walk you through the finest methods to convert your living room with a new favorite hue, from accent furniture pieces to all-over green color schemes. Green paint is a refreshing choice for any room of the house, as it is often connected with health and regeneration. Its capacity to impart life to any place is unrivaled, symbolizing nature's balanced tones and generating a sense of wellness and vigor. Colorblocking is a great way to add some exciting colors to your living room without feeling like you've fully committed to the technicolor lifestyle. Look at how the green just goes a fourth of the way up the wall in this living room, leaving the remainder crisp and white. The space is still light and spacious, but the green gives a pop of color and helps the furniture and decor stand out more than they would if they were set against a completely white backdrop.


Looking for green living room ideas but don't want to spend a lot of money on paint just in case? Include a green-hued centerpiece piece of furniture that complements your current decor. Begin with a green armchair or sofa, which will provide a gentle, calming contrast to darker or neutral colors. Choose vivid, rich green tones that won't be bleached out by the absence of natural light in dark, north-facing living rooms. In darker settings, these hues truly pop, appearing rich rather than gaudy. Bright colors, ironically, make small spaces feel larger, so an all-over green tone in a small living room will work well. If you prefer a more neutral decorating scheme but still want a green living room, muted green tones like sage or mossy green are a good choice. If you're in doubt, go for tones that are more grey or blue for a more modest look. Again, these green tones look fantastic when paired with greys. Brighter, more neutral color schemes work better in large, airy living spaces, which can be drowned out by overly brilliant hues. If you have a spacious living room and are seeking green living room ideas, a delicate green pattern wallpaper will be your best pick.


This is by no means an absolute rule, but cool greens are often used to create a sleek, formal design scheme. The calm green tint in this traditional living room is brighter than sage but less demanding than a vivid emerald. Dark floors and dark furniture tend to create a formal look, so if you're looking for green living room designs for a more traditional – or vintage-style – living room, choose a tone that matches the dark wood shades, but make sure to add touches of warmth with accessories like rugs in richer, hotter colors. Rather than a brighter apple color, choose a deep, petrol green piece of furniture. If you're feeling very daring, you could want to add a third dramatic color to your green living room arrangement. Use only one wall, or a portion of a wall, for your 'wild card' color. If your living space is open-plan, you might want to consider using different colors to divide it into different zones. To create a colorful yet cohesive color palette, we recommend using complementary or contrasting colors.

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