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Modern bedroom interior

Exquisite bedroom interior design


This bedroom has been formed in luxury modern interior design. The complete bedroom interior design arrangement is filled with a remarkable interior design arrangement which has been composed of elegant furniture and decorations. The modern luxury interior design concept for bedrooms has a very high requirement when it comes to the selection of every artistic design pieces that will be part of the full interior setting. Every furniture design and decorations also have an expensive cost compare to another style that suits the other interior concept. It is because modern luxury interior design has its specific style that is being formed and arranged exactly according to the elegance that requires by the owner. Modern luxury bedroom interior design concept is also often being implemented for elite villas, luxury homes, and other prestigious residential projects.

Developing a luxury modern bedroom interior design is one of the specialties that the Luxury Antonovich Design offers in every residential project. Luxury Antonovich Design is composed of high caliber professionals and experts that have the full ability to perform the most luxurious and elegant bedroom interior design that will meet the high requirement of the client/ owner. Aside from being the top-notch architecture and interior design company in the world, Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory as well as the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai wherein every prestigious creation is being showcased. It has become such a great advantage for every client as they have the widest selection of luxurious furniture design in all sorts of concept either it is for classical, contemporary, or modern style interiors. Luxury Antonovich Design is also very well known as the creator of customized furniture design that levels up every prestigious interior design setting. With this exquisite bedroom interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the finest furniture design which is all made up of premium class materials and high quality finishing in a luxury modern style. Instead of having complete neutral style bedroom interiors, Luxury Antonovich Design has implemented a set of ice breaker designs such as a very nice blend of hues. A very nice combination of beige, gold, and lavender creates a very classy and elegant loom towards the full bedroom interior. There is a set of prestigious armchairs with a petite coffee table next to the huge window that creates a very stunning look. Since that it has a huge window, the design team has managed to select the best luxurious curtain design which perfectly matches the entire bedroom interior mood and concept. The curtain is made up of premium class materials with the finest shiny finishing.

What makes this bedroom extra luxurious and classy is how the ceiling has been perfectly designed with a very artistic gypsum layering with LED lighting. At the center is a majestic chandelier design that gives a wonderful blend of brightness towards the full bedroom interior. Even the flooring and walls design has very artistic details with a special touch of modernity. This bedroom interior design indeed is filled with exquisite design in the perfect form of trendy and modern mood that level up the coziness and aesthetic look. 

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