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Modern bedroom design for Girls

Chic style bedroom interior design


Developing bedroom interior design is one of the most challenging tasks for every residential project executions. Aside from the fact that different bedroom has different mood and style requirement, each bedroom should always have a very special composition of design and decorations that will be representing the personality and lifestyle of the one who will occupy it. In this article, Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting another stylish bedroom interior design which is formed in a chic style arrangement. The Luxury Antonovich Design team has been meticulously doing the full interior design development and arrangement to be able to meet the standards and the desired design set up of the owner.

This bedroom has indeed a very unique and stylish interior design set up. The full construction of the design, layout, and mood of this bedroom has to consist of very expert design strategies to be able to come up with the best design arrangement that will be representing the personality of the occupant which is the most important fact to consider. This bedroom has a chic style interior setting which is filled with a very cheerful and pleasant interior design arrangement. Since that this bedroom is situated at the higher part of the residential project, there is visible roof formation over the ceiling, which has been perfectly enhanced with the Luxury Antonovich design team. A set of spotlights and LED lighting hidden on the artistic gypsum works has been creatively arranged that emphasizes a very trendy chandelier design. With a very pleasant combination of pink and white, this amazing bedroom interior design has filled with a very relaxing and cozy mood. As the main attraction of the bedroom, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the best bed design which is formed in premium class materials filled with the finest fabrics and pillows. A very beautiful wall paneling over the headboard has been artistically formed with very nice butterfly decoration. To level up the chic style mood of this amazing bedroom interior design, instead of using a bench bed, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected a twin heart-shaped pouf that creates a very lovely setting over the full bedroom interior. Across the bed is a vanity table and mirror that has been arranged with a perfect balance in style. There is also a set of wall lighting made up of crystal glass materials that emphasize the lam look of the bedroom.

Design consistency is very important in every interior design arrangement most importantly for every bedroom interior design as it will enhance the coziness and a very pleasant atmosphere of the interior. With this amazing work of art of Luxury Antonovich Design, The team has been performed a very satisfying interior arrangement with the right balance and style and consistent design over every furniture and decorative materials such as the fabrics used, curtains, bedroom accessories up to the carpets. This chic style bedroom interior design was indeed another remarkable bedroom interior design arrangement that the Luxury Antonovich design has accomplished accordingly. 

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