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Luxury classic furniture UAE

Extra Luxurious Classic Design Furniture Set


Every Home has a concept Design that needs to follow, and for every classical interior design concept, Luxury Antonovich Design has found the best furniture line that will surely fit to an extra luxurious classical interior design requirements. Luxury Antonovich design team never stops and continuously studying to discover different types of furniture design and decorations that fulfills every interior design arrangement with the best design implementations and developments. Our Team is proudly presenting the Modenese Gastone Classic Furniture collection with a very Luxurious and Glamorous furniture design like no other. Every prestigious furniture piece is all made up of extremely classical design with the best art and style. Take a look with a very prestigious sofa design with detailed embroidery and finest touch of beauty in every stylish fabric that covers the entire furniture pieces. Modenese Gastone Classic Furniture collection is also presenting different types of joinery works with very artistic carvings and design details in every cabinet and other wooden design works. Every furniture design pieces have a complete set of elegance that compliments each style that made it extra luxurious. With this collection, there are detailed wooden design details that are perfectly amazing as it is featuring a special art and design technique for the console, tabletops, flooring design, 3D Carpet design and more. Even every classical design furniture can be extra stylish having a new style and design composition in each piece and still maintaining the artistic detailed of being classical designed furniture.


Luxury Antonovich Design has a very well-known international as the greatest provider of Classical interior design concept in every project not only for every huge villa but also for palaces, Home of world’s top leaders and other International Governmental establishments, and it always follows in the international standards in the highest quality and style of every furniture design and creations. That is why it only trusted the Best furniture line to complete every interior design developments that it is implementing in every project that the team is conducting worldwide. Modenese Gastone Classic Furniture is the top Furniture brand choice by the Luxury Antonovich Design’s inhouse interior designers and experts. 

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