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Proper landscaping is an important aspect of your home's overall appearance and usability since it can transform your front yard or backyard into your own personal retreat. Take a look at these designer landscapes that combine plants, hardscapes, structures, and water elements to create unique outdoor settings. Unlike more costly structural changes, landscaping is a do-it-yourself project that will not only increase the value of your property but also make your wonderful outdoors look and feel even better every day for your family. Gardening is also a fantastic source of exercise and has been professionally shown to improve your mood. Make sure your passageways are wide enough to move through comfortably. Nobody appreciates squeezing through tight places, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Main thoroughfares should be at least 5 feet wide, allowing at least two persons to stroll side by side. The width of auxiliary paths that people walk in a single file should be at least 3 feet. Keep in mind that the broader the path, the taller the plantings or structures flanking your walkway. Tall limits enclose any space and make it feel more confining.


Outdoor stairways and steps should increase gradually; otherwise, they may appear intimidating. The most comfortable steps are those with a rise of 6 inches or less. Each step should have a run (or depth) of 26 inches plus twice the rise (or height). Steps with a 6-inch rise would necessitate a 14-inch run. If your garden stairways have more than ten steps, consider landings every fourth or fifth step to make the journey more comfortable. The landings should be at least as broad as the stairs. Wherever a stairway reverses direction, a spacious landing is required. Patios and decks are ideal locations for outdoor gatherings. Make sure there's adequate space for meals and mingling. Consider how many people you'll be hosting on a regular basis, and allow at least 4 square feet for each person. To allow for easy circulation, aim to provide a 3-foot-wide perimeter of open space around any furniture grouping when dining outside. Make sure that any paving you use provides stable footing. Slick surfaces and wobbly pavers should be avoided. In rainy and wintery climates, paving materials like polished granite or smooth outdoor tile may not provide enough traction.


Under archways, arbors, and pergolas, leave plenty of headroom. I believe 7 feet to be the minimum, and I normally add extra 18 inches if I expect plants to grow over the framework. This may seem exaggerated, but outdoor constructions appear smaller than they would if they were inside. Plus, it's better to be cautious than sorry and avoid colliding with a wisteria or climbing rose. To enable enough elbow room, posts for arches and pergolas should be located at least a few inches outside the pathways that run through them. There are many options when it comes to creating a flower garden or preparing a newly manicured part of your yard. Many gardeners are unsure where to begin - but don't worry, the planning process may be straightforward! The following pointers will make designing a garden a breeze. Continue reading to find out more. Allow space for your plants to expand. Plant with the intention of relocating or removing some plants as they develop if you need a dense, full landscape right now. Planting fast-growing, short-lived "filler" plants to temporarily bulk out your plantings is also an option. Plants taller than 30 to 36 inches should be set back at least 2 to 3 feet from the pathway and patio edges; otherwise, these areas would feel claustrophobic and congested. Try to keep thorny plants like roses alive while you're at it.

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