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Whether your luxury home office is a dedicated space for managing a business, your remote workplace, or simply a nook for organizing your calendar and paying bills, you deserve more than a metal desk and extra chair stuffed into a vacant corner. Why? In an office that complements the design and comfort of the rest of your home, you'll want to stay up late. You'll probably spend a lot of time at your home office, so don't skimp on space (e.g. squishing a tiny desk into a windowless closet to preserve the rarely-used guest room). It's important to consider the flow of traffic as well as your propensity for distraction. What area of town should your office be in if you want to work there? If clients are anticipated, a quiet location with plenty of sitting is crucial. Instead of the other way around, you should provide service for your desk, shelves, and storage. Before investing in expensive designer furniture, consider your workflow and the items you must always have on hand. Then look for goods that are both attractive and functional.

If you have the room, a loveseat or warm wood with soft, comfy seating is ideal for a home with a traditional interior design. Contemporary furniture or artistic aspects may be noticed in a contemporary home office. Home office furniture should complement other areas in your home rather than screaming "soulless cube." Position the workstation so you can glance up from your computer and see something interesting rather than a blank wall (even if you really love the color). Although windows that let in natural light are preferable, if you're in a room without any, put a stunning artwork above the desk or move your chair toward the door. Unless you're going for a modern style, use items that make your home office appear more cozy, such a lovely cup for a pencil holder, chic notepads and sticky notes, and a bright trash can. Your bulletin board may be covered with a lovely fabric, and you can hide useful bookcases with curtains made of the same material. Whether they are vintage paintings or merely framed artwork from your children, motivational prints should be hung on the walls.

Hang floating shelves from the walls to keep important documents close at hand while clearing the desk of paperwork and office supplies. Do you stack things or file them? If you tend to accumulate piles, invest in a pretty basket to hold your correspondence, notes, and papers. If you want a neat desktop, set aside one drawer for your "to-do" files. A unique substitute for bookshelves is wooden or metal cube storage since each slot may be used for books, trinkets, or baskets of other stuff. The computer, printer, or phone can't truly be made to seem prettier, but you can hide unsightly connections. In case you need to unplug your equipment, make sure it is immediately accessible and close to outlets. Desk grommets, a cap made of plastic or metal that helps in directing wires through desk holes and conceals them beneath, should be used to cover any desk cables with fabric cord covers and tuck them away. To tame the floor's cord jungle, use cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer that is attached to the desk and raises the wires off the surface. Here's an excellent tip: make sure your desk has plenty of light to lessen eye strain and headaches. For task lighting, set a small lamp on the desk, and position the computer monitor away from any windows or overhead lights.

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