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When it comes to home cinema interior design, Antonovich Group offers the highest definition of technologies and smart solutions that completes every home cinema interior design. Being an expert in luxury design interior, Antonovich Group also makes it possible to perform it in every home cinema interior design. The interior luxury design of the home cinema always comes from the best design executions which have been very well conducted by the top professional interior designers of Antonovich Group. This article let us get to know more about how to achieve the most fascinating interior luxury design for home cinema.



Most movie experiences do not include glaring lighting, and your home cinema room should not either. This isn't a multi-tasking place, thus it's a rare case where you don't need to account for scenarios X, Y, and Z, as you would in a kitchen, which requires task-style, ambient, and background lighting.

All you'll be doing in your media room is watching movies and resting. This implies that while deciding how to light your home's movie room, you should focus on ultra-soft, ambient light. Shorter table lamps keep the illumination intensity low, so it doesn't interfere with your home theater screen.

Seek out shades that direct light downwards rather than at an angle – you might want to go with a thicker fabric, such as wool or heavy linen, or a patterned shade to diffuse the light more gently. It's also a good idea to avoid shiny lamp stands like chrome or polished brass since they pick up on the light and bounce it about the room, which is a distraction that doesn't belong in a movie room.

Some home theaters employ LED strip lighting recessed into the skirting board, ceiling alcoves, or spotlights, however both of these can feel overly cinematic. The difference here is that you want it to feel like a home first and foremost, so resist the urge to incorporate lighting that seems out of sync with the personality of your home.



Aside from the screen, the seating is the second most crucial component of any home theater setup. The greatest cinema-style couch will provide you with everything you want when you go to the movies – enough depth to comfortably stretch out, enough comfort to snuggle up and settle in for a feature-length film, and enough space rather than being constrained to one seat per person.

The L-shaped couch is one of the most popular movie room settees. They allow you to accommodate a large group of people around the screen or just one or two of you to share and stretch out. Similarly, modular corner couches are ideal for home cinemas, especially in tiny spaces.

If corner and L-shaped couches aren't for you, be sure you choose a sofa with a deep seat. An ottoman or a pair of puffs in front of any movie room seating allows you to stretch out even further - no one wants a shortage of legroom in their own house. And comfortable details like blankets on hand and plenty of pillows are standard.

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