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Luxury Antonovich Design has developed a highly artistic kind of mosaic design in gold that has the greatest fusion of design together with the glass and attractive decorative materials to achieve an exquisite design and elegance for this hammam interior design. Our team constantly ensures that the interior design development and fit-out work is carried out in a very methodical manner in order to produce the most practical and roomy interior mood. The correct hammam interior design spacing will always result in perfect convenience and comfort for a superb wellness experience.



One of the most crucial aspects of efficient hammam operation is the circulation of heat in the sweating area. The hammam's heat circulation is balanced using mechanical, natural, and mixed air circulation. In addition, vaulted ceilings are required for proper air circulation and condensate run-off in boors.

Beautiful lighting offers a spectacular light show that is essential to the luxury hammam interior design's overall image. The lighting in the hammam must be gentle to create a relaxing atmosphere. As a result, we use a variety of light sources to create lighting that is both visually beautiful and useful. Backlighting with LEDs, ceiling spotlights, east ornament fiber-optical ceiling lamps, and fiber-optical wall lamps are all options.

The Hammam's greatest distinguishing characteristic is its calming temperature. The humidity in the Turkish steam room is high, and the temperature is moderate (up to +55 °C). In hammams, steam generators are used to control humidity by dispersing tiny quantities of steam, which is normally scented with natural oils and is safe to breathe.

The suggested temperature for the Hammam ranges from 30 to 55 degrees, making it perfect for folks who aren't used to being in high heat. Warming benches, walls, floors, and other critical elements are possible thanks to technology in the adjacent technical room that allows each heated surface to be controlled independently of the others.

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