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Begin by considering how you store your clothes in the past. For example, if you hang the majority of your clothes with coat hangers, rail space should be prioritized in your design, with full-length hanging available for long garments. If you normally fold your clothes and store them in drawers, you may want to prioritize drawers and shelving in your planning. Fitted wardrobes are the ideal way to maximize your available space, allowing your rails to reach from wall to wall and allowing extra storage solutions to be included to meet your specific needs. In this article, Antonovich Group has shared one of its luxurious interior design creations for a royal-style dressing room.

You've planned your wardrobes and designed your dressing table; now it's time to ensure that your space has the right lighting and accessories! If your room does not have its own window and does not benefit from natural light, it is critical that you install adequate overhead lighting. In an ideal world, your dressing table would be placed near a natural light source, but if this is not possible, we recommend spot lighting or Hollywood-style mirror lights, as shown in our walk-in-wardrobe design.


1.       Make a note of all of these figures so that they can be given to your specialist when needed. While measuring, take note of any features in your room that could interfere with installation, such as electrical sockets, light switches and fittings, window ledges, radiators, and doors. Following that, we recommend that you take all of these measurements and map out your space on a square grid, as shown below. This will provide your specialist with a visual aid to make the decision.

2.       Wardrobe Isle - It's time to decide on the type of wardrobe you want by combining combinations, as shown below. This is when you'll decide how big you want your wardrobe to be, whether it needs to fit into a room's corner, whether you want your entire run to be standard wardrobes, or whether you want to incorporate a desk or shelving. If you can't fit an extra wardrobe in a run but still want your design to be wall-to-wall, an open shelving unit is a great solution.

3.       Panels and Joinery - Once you’ve chosen the make-up of your wardrobe, it’s time to fit it perfectly into your space.

You'll need to add an end panel or a custom-fit plinth to cover the sides of the linen-colored cabinet, depending on whether your design is wall-to-wall or open-ended. An example is shown below, where there is a 19mm gap at each end of the wardrobe, which must be filled in order for it to reach the walls on all sides perfectly.

4.       Filled your Dressing Room right - We recommend taking a moment to evaluate what you own, what you would like to store, what you find difficult to store in the present, and which items you would like to have the most convenient access to. A fitted wardrobe is built to last, so it's critical that you get this step right and design it to suit your lifestyle and tastes so that you can reap the benefits for years to come. Antonovich Design creates wardrobes that have a variety of internal storage options. Depending on your storage requirements, you can select from pre-defined bundles or create and design your own. Mix and match from a selection of hanging rails, additional shelves, drawer organizers, shelving units, stackable drawers and


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