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Long Lake Village, West Palm Beach, Florida


A palace-like residential villa in Florida has been very well executed by the world’s top luxury interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design. Having its in-house top professional architects and high-caliber expert designers is what Luxury Antonovich Design remained on top. In this amazing architecture design for a residential villa in Florida, Luxury Antonovich Design Team has absolutely very well created the most remarkable architecture design procedure in the highest standards of design execution. Having its own office branch located in Doral Florida, it has become such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Design team to execute a massive architecture design project in Florida and other parts of the United States of America.



A very systematic method of the master planning procedure is the most important stage of work that is being conducted at the beginning of project design performances in a project, most especially in a luxurious residential architecture. Florida has the most perfect climate all year round that is why it has been an ideal residential location for every family, businessman, and bachelor's. It is also an ideal location for every luxury hotel, resort, beach house, and luxury villas to build in, as the state itself is the world’s most remarkable tourist destination. Who wouldn’t love to have their own property located at this amazing location, it was indeed such a perfect spot for leisure, vacation houses, and beach villas.

Luxury House planning is a very delicate task that is being formed by expert architects, engineers, and designers. In this stage, Luxury Antonovich Design team always manages to remain focus on the concrete arrangement of every exterior material that is being formed in the architectural works. Luxury Antonovich Design is using state-of-the-art facilities and high definition technologies that are being operated by expert architects and engineers. Luxury Antonovich Design always guarantees world-class standards of execution in building architectural works, most especially in every residential villa. Luxury Antonovich Design team also manages to provide a different set of packages where client/ property owners can choose the specific program that will be suitable to their budget. With Luxury Antonovich Design, client satisfaction, and the cost-efficiency of the project are very important.



With a perfect form and balance in the entire exterior design of these amazing villas, Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well executed with the right parameters and measurements to be able to achieve the most remarkable exterior design setting. There is visible greatness in style and balance towards every exterior feature from the roof layout, arrangement of windows, and other exterior decoration. What makes this villa extra luxurious is how the architectural design has been performed with the right balance and consistent design which features all over the landscape area surrounding the villa structure. Luxury Antonovich Design team has indeed perfectly well executed the best architectural design solutions that feature the greatness in style in exactly according to every requirement of the client. 

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