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Landscaping design in USA

As the Best Asset of the Company itself, Ms. Kateryna Antonovich has the very Genius Mind in providing  Masterpieces in every work of art that she is creating in a Luxury World of Architecture and Interior Design Industry. Being the Chief Designer of the Company she is very hands-on when it comes to providing one of the kind creations to meet every client's requirement. No doubt, Luxury Antonovich design still holds the title of the Best Architecture and Interior Design Company International and keeps on Growing.

The Best Landscape Design Providers in the USA

On this Project, we have created a very Luxurious Modern Style Landscape On its very fine and unique finishing. With the high standard and demand of the Client, we have provided a very Stylish Design which you can immediately notice from the scheme on the front area. Completing Modern Style house requires a proper understanding and study to be able to cope up with the latest trend in Landscape Design and decoration. On this project, we have installed huge clear windows with different shapes and unique cuts. The elevation of this house is very exclusive with symmetrical Elevations. To emphasize the Modern style of this project, we have focussed on using a high-quality Clear Glass for the balcony and even on the fence design.  The use of concrete Exterior walls combined with the dark wooden style on partial parts completes the luxury modern style Exterior. We have placed the garage area at the back side of the house to achieve a spacy and secured place for the owner’s vehicle. We set up a very nice Fountain to achieve a luxury accent. Surprisingly, we have achieved putting up an infinity pool in a very trendy style on the first floor of the house. We have put up relaxing chairs in every balcony of the house to accomplish a hotel style ambiance of the entire landscape.

Achieving a Successful Landscape Design

Exceeding the Client satisfaction is such an amazing and fulfilling achievement for every designed and the full team. Aside from the fact that we have succeeded to provide the requirement of the Client, it is very nice to know that we have accomplished an amazing Unique and new luxury Creation. It’s been always our Great pleasure to deliver all the best Landscape Design throughout our Client. That is why we always make sure that we are putting up all our knowledge and the finest service every time.

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