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Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Idea

Even on Creating a landscape design, there will be different ideas that can come up to everyone’s mind. Most of the time the client is selecting a landscape design according to the Concept design of the Interior. However we have recently encounter some of the adventurous clients which prefers a different look for their outdoor view.

Unique and Ideal Landscape Design by Kateryna Antonovich

On this Landscape Design, you will easily notice the superb selection of outdoor materials and Furniture’s. the outdoor seating areas are designed with a perfect blend of turquoise blue pillows and light colored outdoor sofa. We put up two native hard wooden made which is customized made with a very fine finishing of dark brown color. We have installed a manmade fireplace in some areas on the outdoor to complete the warm atmosphere for the entire Landscape. We have created a very stylish Fence design with unique carvings, in some areas we have splendid some of the vine plant and mini set of bamboo arrangement. This creative Landscape design wouldn’t be perfect until we decided to put up a magnificent Waterfall stick up with the fence and over flowing with the open water pond. We have places a barbeque and cooking space on the other side for the family to enjoy and have the perfect bonding experience. Our design team managed to assemble a set of Play ground on a very stylish and playful way for the enjoyable experience of the young members of the family.

Exclusive and accomplished Landscape Design

Luxury Antonovich Design Team ensures that every Landscape Design will be decorated and finishes with an exclusive and exceptional result. With the proper communication with the client, We will be able to provide the accuracy of implementation and solutions through the success designing for the Landscape. We always make sure to exceed the Client satisfaction and make every family happy and Contented with their Landscape design.

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