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Home office interior

Office Interior in Classical Concept Design

It was indeed a good advantage having own office space inside the house. Most of the client who’s demanding or requiring an office interior design is mostly the high end or VIP’s who owns the company or part of the executive board in their offices or businesses. Having their own office inside the house contributes a lot with their daily lives, as they won’t need to some in their offices or business every time that they had an emergency call from work. However, every interior design for the office is also requiring a systematic development for the interior design. It also has a concept design that needs to follow. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team is proudly presenting this Classical Concept Design for the office as it has a different concept that has been followed. This would be another unique creation of the full team.

 Stages of Work towards a Classical Interior Design for the office

This Classical interior Concept design is filled with Luxurious wooden materials which are made up of concrete materials. The entire walls are full of luxurious decorations and golden lines carvings. Having a customized feature of the lion head is what makes it completely glamorous. A very nice built-in cabinet with glass doors gives an extra creative design for this office area as it is showing a very nice display inside the cabinet. A classical office table set is perfectly arranged at the center of the room. It is completely made up of premium class wooden materials for the table and leader for the chair. The Interior designer has been selected a T shaped office table for more convenient and conventional use. The ceiling design is full of glamorous design with decorative lights and a grand chandelier made up of full glass materials. A single couch has been placed at the corner of the office with a matching design with the office chair which is also made up of pure leader. This office interior design has been another successful interior design from the Luxury Antonovich Design Team which is full of class and elegance to be represented in the international standards of Architectural and Architectural Industry.

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