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Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known for its world-class architectural and interior design developments for every project that will be filled with an extraordinary style that will be suitable along with the client’s requirements and concept design. Luxury Antonovich Design has been open and started to operate Interior design office in Miami and Interior Design office in Los Angeles which is composed of the international experts and professional interior designers and architects that have the full capacity to perform a Luxurious and Stylish interior design presentations. This Project Design is proudly presenting by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team which is completely designed with Beauty and Sophistication with the entire project arrangement. At the same time, our team made it very sure that the client will be very well involved in every step of work and improvements with the design executions.

Expertise and Professionalism in Every Work Implementations

The high level of comfort of a Luxury House will result in a  very functional effect no matter how big or small the house is. We are presenting sets of varieties of Luxury House samples to every client to be able to have an idea and options. Our team has a deep understanding that when we say Luxury House, it means a wide variety of sizes, Layouts, styles and most importantly is setting up the budget. Therefore. When we started to dream about Luxury House of your own, we need to consider the wealth of every impressive selection of Materials and Furniture. A Luxury House will be featuring one of the kind features in Elevations of the Exterior Design.  All the details of the drawings will be included, a list of selection of materials for an easy reference. The systematic planning of the house will help to determine how the Luxury house will be placed on the entire project. Architectural and structural elements in building a Luxury House will be detailed, including the specification of window and door components, railings, balusters, stairs, interior walls, interior partitions, concrete steps, and footings. The Great Foundation of a Luxury Home will be composed of fully identified dimensions of concrete creation of the actual structural formation. As it is very important to identify all the dimensions and section information of the full area.

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