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Exclusive luxury interior design

The Grand Entrance Area

The Interior Design of this Entrance area was inspired by a palace like atmosphere that gives the completely luxurious and exclusive Design. Placing the glamorous staircase at the center of the area was completely fascinating as it will be the main of the attraction as entering the very Luxurious Main door entrance. The entire area is filled with glamorous decorations and materials.

A Unique Classical Dining Area

The Color schemes and Decorations really matters! And with the personal choice of the owner having a stylish green color from the dining set and curtains is what makes the entire area looks really stunning. As it all made up with the premium class materials the quality of the furniture and the materials will never be compromised and will surely be a long-lasting value.

The Luxurious Interior Design for the Kitchen

Who would have thought that the kitchen area can be done this fabulously? Having the set of luxurious pieces and decorative materials, this kitchen area was indeed very stunning and luxurious. For the Luxury Antonovich Design Team, placing a beautiful chandelier inside the kitchen was never an excuse to be able to achieve a perfect interior design for the kitchen.

A fully Classical Office Interior Design

Take a look at this wonderful interior design for the office area and see how luxurious it has been done with the proper implementation of the fully classical design. The entire walls are filled with the hardwood which is made up of the high-class materials. At the center is a fully crystal chandelier that brings out the glamorous design for the full area.

Magnificent Interior Design for the Bedroom

This Villa Project is consisting of several bedrooms which has a different interior design mood. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team managed to create a hotel like interior design for every bedroom. The interior designer team only made it sure to know the personal interest and lifestyle of every person that will be staying on each room to be able to bring out the best and most appropriate interior design and decoration.

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