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Contemporary Bedroom Design


The contemporary Design development has affected every aspect of our daily lives. Many use the term contemporary or modern means a more hassle-free break of normal and new concepts of Luxury Design in modern age thinking.  Contemporary Design can also mention a time period of design style. From bringing in light to dark spaces to developing the floor plans and introducing the correct set of furnishings. The contemporary age of living has made way to new furniture’s and materials, but also a relaxed atmosphere to interiors with minimal lines. Using a gorgeous finish of floors schemes such as hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles, travertine stone and marble have made way to contemporary living. Putting up a natural and organic elements into your interiors for more ideas.  Keeping the floors comfortable and to break up space visually is ideal, especially in Bedroom areas. Consider bringing resilient flooring into your home for a crisp and modern touch.

The perfect definition of the Best Bedroom Design

To achieve a Luxurious Design of this Contemporary Room, We have implemented different special Materials and Furniture’s. Ceiling design is very unique as we have installed a one of a kind Round Crystal Chandelier in the center with a decorative customize mirrors. As our goal is to have a bright and pleasant Bedroom Design, we have associated a nice ceiling design with white color side lights. The combination of White, Beige, Brown and Gold completes the context of this Bedroom as we used this great option of Color Varieties on the Curtains, Fabrics, Bed sheets, Pillow cases, Walls Design and Flooring Design. We choose a very attractive Bed design to be the center of the Attraction for this Contemporary Bedroom. A very unique side tables is placed in both sides of the bed with a special design of tall side lamps. On the other side of the bedroom, we have put up a powder area that can be a small study area too as we have provided a very comfortable single Chair. Wall schemes designs were indeed exceptional, as it was finishes with very nice decorations of Gold linings and stylish side lamps. A small and comfortable siting area was placed in the Corner with a very nice arrangement of Sofa set and a nice center piece. We put up a natural plant to be able to balance the luxurious mood of the bedroom. A lovely finishing of Floor schemes was very well implemented on this bedroom as we have done a balance and neutral color of the marble that we used and the carpet design.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the best providers of all the solutions and Development for the perfect result of Contemporary Bedroom Design. As we are composed with Professional and skilled Team and equipped with trusted Companies that can supply Customized Materials and Furniture’s either it is local, Turkey or Italian made.

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