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Arquitectura Ingeniería Planificación Consultoría Mobiliario Suministro

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Contemporary Architecture Design

Artistic Exterior Design

Once that the Art and Design connive it will always result in a wonderful creation that full of class and elegance. Just like this exclusive design for the architecture which is created with a contemporary concept. It has been composed with a state of the art designing and compilation of creating innovative ideas. The Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting this one of kind contemporary themed house as it is representing modernity and timeless design in the overall feature.

Stages of Work towards a Great Architectural Result

Everything is started with a systematic planning of the layout to be able to do the proper balancing of all areas and maximizing all the spaces and most of all having the most accurate details in creating the elevation scheme. The Development and delivery of the Architectural Design follow as it will be created according to the accomplished sketches and layout with confirmations and approvals. Another main important thing that needs to consider is the selection of the materials that shall be used and installed. And to be able to make sure that everything has been done accurately with the approved final design, there will be a supervision stage that shall be done with the team. This Architectural design has the perfect level of the fence. The team has been created a very nice presentation of the landscape design which has a very unique style most especially on how they have installed the tall plants surrounded by a hard wooden landscape material.

Inspirational Architectural Work by Luxury Antonovich Design

The owner of this wonderful architectural project has a natural sense of being artistic with class. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team just enhances and well guided the owner to be able to develop the project more nicely in the most professional way. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been continuously being inspired by bringing out all the best solutions and development towards every work. The Team will surely continue to provide a world-class Architectural work for every client.

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