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Classical luxury house interior

Top Interior Design Company in Florida


Modern Luxury Interiors is a term that being used in every interior design arrangement with a classic concept design and a special touch of Modernity in style and executions. This amazing interior design project is one of the best representation of a Modern Luxury Style home, take a look with the details style and art that has been creatively performing in every luxury furniture design and the genius catch of elegance towards every edges and presentation of each area. We have been well design and executed the exact design of the requirement of the project as well as the owners desired. As the Top Interior Design Company in Florida, the Luxury Antonovich Design team is very careful about selecting each of the furniture design and decorative materials that will be implemented in every project. Just like these wonderful interior design creations, having the interior design office in Miami and interior design in Los Angeles is a good advantage for our valued clients and customers in the USA to get in touch with us easily whenever they have inquiries and questions. We have been developing some of the projects in New York that deals about the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality projects, and our professional interior designers and architects are always being hands-on in managing those projects.

Artistic Design Details in Every Corner 

·        Its three panels add to the beauty of the bedroom interior design. The layering is phenomenal and beautiful and the curve design is beyond gorgeous.

·         The walls are another thing that is excellent in this creation.


·         Its details and materials in gold are sure luxurious. Its chandelier is just out of this world. The beautiful creation which is crafted specifically for this project is stunning. The bedroom interior design when put together with its beautiful accents creates a very elegant ambiance to the room.

·         This bedroom interior design is filled with masterpieces and art projects.


·         The beautiful carpets in its core materials and elements add to the luxury vibe of the bedroom. The paintings in its floral design give additional beauty to the bedroom interior design. Aside from that, the details put in every corner of the room are just very museum-like.

You would feel very classical in this beautiful bedroom interior design made by the one and only Luxury Antonovich Design.


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