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Beautiful landscape

Beautiful Landscape

Landscaping Ideas are recently creating noise on the Market as most of the Clients are requiring an exceptional and unique style of Landscape Design. However, we always need to consider all the intellectual aspects of proper Spacing of the entire outdoor Area. The roots of achieving a beautiful landscape design are the optimistic way of planning which starts with the perfect creation of the layout and developing it appropriately.

How to achieve the Beautiful Landscape Design?

On this Landscape project, we consider all the aspects and symmetrical elevations and measurements. We have provided durable concrete materials for finishing for the Roof.  Associated with an appropriate design Linings at the top of every wall covering the finishing of the Roof. We have selected a neutral and Balance Color for the Outdoor paint. We have installed a tinted glass window to achieve the balance mood of the Beautiful Exterior Design. The use of a grey colored Bricks on both sides of the Project, meanwhile on the front area we have placed a dark greyish high-quality Marble to provide the unique design from the upper side of the entrance area. To maximize the Space of the Landscape, We decided to place the Garage on the underground of the villa, however, we have created a free open space from the entrance area going to the garage. Greenish local Plants, trees, and grass are from the local raised to make sure that the perfect appearance will last according to the compatibility of soil and the Local Weather. Since that the client insisted to have an infinity pool like the idea, we did our very best to accomplish it by putting up an overflowing design pool from the modern style waterfall on the side. We have installed a man-made fireplace style centerpiece to complete a warm atmosphere of the beautiful landscape. At the center of the Swimming pool is the perfect set up of a relaxing place where family members can relax and unwind while enjoying the pool area. We can say that this project is very unique, we made it to the point that we have implemented all the client requirement such as the magnificent pool shall be overlooking on two different sides of the villa. All the materials that we have used for this magnificent Landscape design are all specially made for outdoor needs to be able to make sure that the quality and colors will not change throughout the season.

Luxury Antonovich Design with the hands on Management of the Chief Designer Herself, Ms Kateryna Antonovich is continuously creating a very artistic and Beautiful Landscape Design throughout every Client, Local and International. No dought that we are keeping up the record of the top Architectural and Interior Design Company all over the world.

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