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Choose an eye-catching piece of furniture from the Antonovich Group collections. For example, a vividly painted bookshelf or an area rug will draw attention away from any difficult spots in your home (such as a large dresser nailed to the wall). An accent wall, which is a bold wall color painted entirely on one side to grab attention, may also be a statement piece. Use smart storage, such as this decor. Make innovative use of your storage space. You may conceal and arrange your possessions with the help of pegboards, shelves, stackable or concealed storage, and collapsible furniture. If you reduce the amount of clutter in your apartment, you may be able to make greater use of it and focus more on the décor.

Tonal themes are available for individuals who prefer anything other than pure white. If using white, utilize eye-catching hues such as dark dismal blue or comfortable grey-green. You may add a lot of elegance and space to your small property by utilizing more neutral colors and adding one accent color to the mix, such as on a smaller accent wall or in an area rug. Don't allow a little space to keep you from purchasing a high-quality rug. In contrast to a huge rug that takes up more floor space, a little rug would almost surely make the area feel tight.

Don't restrict your alternatives for furniture or artwork in your Miami apartment décor, just as we warned against it with the carpeting. Instead, create a statement with a few larger items to capture attention. If all that is in the area is postcard artwork and little pieces of furniture, it will look cramped in every corner. Try on different sizes and give the larger-than-life ones their due. Experiment with large throw pillows, floor-to-ceiling window coverings, or vining plants that descend to the floor to add depth to your décor. Create a gallery wall. Even if you don't have much room, hanging photographs, artwork, games, or other pieces of art on a blank wall may provide interest.

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