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Antonovich Group has introduced the best solutions for modern design properties to achieve greatness in functional design, great design innovations, and modern art deco the modern style, on the other hand, takes it all to the next level. While contrasts in modern classics are less vivid and more harmonious, they may be more visible here and include more things to combine. In one room, for example, matte plaster wall panes with ribbed micro concrete ones can be found alongside marble and mirror blocks. Both modern and modern classic interiors are known for their appreciation of functional furniture and decorative elements. Simple furniture forms, various lighting solutions, curtains, and so on - if used in these designs, they are never just for show. This is also the reason I chose minimalism. The inherent quality of both styles. Modern and modern styles avoid the exuberance of decorative elements in favor of creating beauty through the careful selection of materials, textures, and forms. Less is always more in these styles.

Traditional geometric forms, symmetry, and balanced proportions are favored in a modern classic. It does, however, allow for asymmetry in details to liven up the space. In contrast, modern is more adaptable in terms of lines, shapes, and forms. In this case, irregularity and transformation may take the lead, reflecting the fast-paced lifestyle. The contrast in textures is what distinguishes the classic from the modern classic. Because the modern classic enjoys incorporating elements that contradict while complementing one another. For example, in the bathroom, mixing different patterns of marble slabs and dividing them with metal profiles. Making classical moldings on textured marble panels, for example.

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