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Sophisticated Bedroom Design Idea


When Luxury Antonovich Design says modern, they mean it! This bachelor pad is surely a top luxury bedroom interior design. The theme of the room is the luxury modern dark ambiance. It is created to exhibit a manly bedroom that is perfect for a bachelor. The colors used all go well with each other just like the gold and dark brown along with the beautiful gray. The marble also adds to the modern vibe of the top luxury bedroom interior design.

One of the most amazing features of the beautiful dark interior is the big chandelier that goes from side to side. The draping brown color is truly a unique one that looks very stunning for this top luxury bedroom interior design. The bedroom is big enough for relaxation and work from home. On one side is the bed and on the other side is a sofa set completed with an elegant religion rack. The top luxury bedroom interior design has all the things you need to have a bachelor pad that you can be proud of every day. Its amazing features are one of a kind.

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