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SOCCI Furniture

Style and Versatility at the Heart of Your Home


Socci Furniture is very well known for its Extremely Luxurious and Glamorous Furniture Design Collection that is usually being used and installed in Palaces, Government offices, and other huge villas. Indeed the Socci Furniture design is highly in demand for every VIP, Sheiks, King, Ambassador, and other world leaders. Since that the Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously being involved with the world’s Top high-class projects that require and extra luxurious and glamorous furniture and full decorations design. High Class Projects don’t matter how expensive or the furniture is or how costly the project may reach, the important is how every prestigious furniture design will reach the highest standards of glamorous and luxurious that will perfectly fit to the owner's personality and lifestyle. Socci Furniture collection has been always the top of the list and first choice by the Luxury Antonovich Design Interior designers, project managers, and furniture experts to complete every prestigious project internationally.

Socci Furniture has a natural versatility that revives the opulence and the myth of creating a great ambiance where time is outstanding among past and present, the material and the sublime, dream and reality. Socci furniture is using different wood essences literally intertwine with each other, like an embrace, as if really a sprig of jasmine rolls up around the frame of the furniture. Different golden carvings have been very visible in every magnificent piece which is all wide and majestic that seems to extend a blossom to the air. You almost forget that they are the centerpiece of the piece of furniture. This is one of the features that distinguish the design of the living room by Socci. Take a look with a very detailed and delicate pattern drawn by the grinding of glass on the display cabinet, embellished with spherical buttons in polished gold which are applied by hand one by one.

Luxury Antonovich Design only trusted the best Luxurious Furniture design that will represent a purely Glamorous and prestigious furniture design that will be very suitable to every classical Luxurious interior design arrangement in every project and Socci is the best top pick to embody the extra Luxurious Design of every masterpiece. Socci Furniture The collection is not just a collection of furniture in original design with unparalleled prestige. It is the art of making spaces majestic and unique. With the use of the finely crafted inlays that enhance the natural coloring of maple briarwood. Every carvings and furniture details have very striking arched portals and gilded capitals stand out, aspiring for the infinite.



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