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Luxury and Elegance in Every Art Pieces – Furniture Made with Class and Perfection


Level up your home interior by selecting the best furniture design that will provide the best elegance and style in your home. The Provasi Furniture design collection is completely made with full of classical and Luxurious touch of elegance and style. Every art detail is attractively designed to perfection, from the perfect cuts, carvings, selection of fabrics, silk, solid woods and full materials that complete the body of every furniture piece. Provasi Furniture Collection has an original characteristic of having a strong blend of colors selected as every furniture piece completed with full of style. To be able to achieve the best interior design set up, it is very important to select the best furniture design that will be very suitable with the selected concept design as well the accurate furniture set up and interior design coordination of style. Luxury Antonovich Design has the best ability and professionalism that will help every client to achieve the best furniture design setting that will be perfectly accurate in every interior design setting. The Provasi  furniture collection is one of the best furniture set model that the Luxury Antonovich Design team is proudly introducing and promoting in every project design executions that the team is handling international most especially for every Luxury Classic interior design Concept.


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