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Proper bathroom interior

A Hotel like Interior Design for the Bathroom

Everything is possible with Luxury Antonovich Design Team. As they can be able to work out for the best and bring out every dream interior design possible. Even creating the bathroom a hotel like interior design is possible for the team, just like what has been executed on this presented bathroom design. It has a very spacious area with a set of luxurious decorations and materials that have been installed.

What is the best type of flooring for the bathroom?

This is one of the most common questions that shall be answered accurately also the most important one when designing the bathroom. The proper selection of the flooring design and material will enclose the safety of the area. It is very important for the flooring to be not a sleeper and not too rough at the same time. While ceramic tiles are the most common option due to its waterproof and easy-to-clean qualities, there are other materials that may be suitable to use as well. Others preferred to use of vinyl and cork as an alternative to ceramic tiles are becoming more popular because aside from sharing the same waterproof and easy-to-clean aspects.

How do I choose the right lighting?

It is also very important to select the proper lightings for every bathroom area. There are different types of lighting: task, ambient, decorative, and accent. The most preferred is task lighting as it is used for illuminating basin mirrors, bath, and shower – basically, the areas where you do the most important tasks. Preferably, the ones for bath and shower shouldn’t be too dim nor too harsh, while mirrors should have one light on each side for a clear, shadowless effect. Having a dimmer switch is also a good selection for bathrooms. With a dimmer, you will be able to dial up the lighting for tasks such as makeup application and shaving or down if you ever need a more ambient setting for your bath.

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